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Author: Hayley Francis | Category: Design

With the summer of 2018 providing record breaking temperatures, and climate change becoming more and more prevalent each year, we think it’s important to make at least some small changes to your office environment to do your bit to help the wider environment.

Some things are hard to change, but there are certain parts of the office structure that you can take control of. Not only will a lot of these changes help towards the environment, but can also help save your business money.

Recycling is a big part of being eco-friendly. Think about what can be recycled and reused in your office and make choices based on that. Implementing rules such as using both sides of the paper when printing can half your paper usage instantly. As part of a long-term recycling plan, you could look at introducing reusable food containers into your office catering services to encourage staff to reduce plastic waste.

Wise water and energy usage is another way of getting greener in the office. ZipTap’s provide instant filtered chilled and boiling water, meaning you won’t need to boil a full kettle each time there’s another tea round, and eliminates the need for single use plastic bottled water. Recent models also offer a clever sleep mode function, recognising when it’s dark and turning off, to further save on energy.

One more way to do your bit in the office is to choose eco-friendly suppliers, whether it be for your furniture, stationery, or even technology. Humanscale’s Smart Ocean chair is a great choice for sustainability; a chair made from recycled fishing nets from the ocean. Making choices like this can make your whole office culture environmentally friendly.

Being greener in your office can seem like a task that you just don’t have the time to make a priority, but simply making smart choices with your furniture and energy usage can be your bit as a company that makes a difference. Going paperless can not only help the environment but help save a messy desk piled high with contracts and documents that don’t need to be there. We can help in advising the best furniture, desking and storage implementations that will assist in reducing your carbon footprint.

A fun way to get everyone involved in creating a green office culture is to add dates into your calendar of events that go on nationally or internationally, that create awareness of ways to save the environment. We’ve put together a calendar of some important dates that your team can take part in at the workplace. Print it out, stick it on the wall, and you’ll be able to do your bit towards an eco-friendlier culture, whilst boosting staff morale. Click here to see what you can do.