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If your business needs have changed our team can provide a full service to assist your relocation. If you’re not sure on how much space to take, what it should include, or what layouts works best, our experts can assess your future needs and undertake a space plan of the prospective or agreed accommodation.

Our team can undertake the fitout of your new offices, including moving your existing furniture into your new space, or if your premises isn’t ready in time for the move, we can securely hold your furniture in our manned storage space of over 800sq metres.

If you are contracted to leave the premises in the exact same state in which you entered the lease, we offer a full dilapidation service to return your old offices back to their original condition.

our process.

Powell-meet Consultation.

We’ll meet with you to work out exactly what your relocation needs are, how many vans you’ll need and any holding you may need in our storage space.

powell-refine Manage.

We’ll put everything in place to ensure a smooth pick-up and delivery of your goods.

powell-deliver Deliver.

We’ll get your goods to your new premises safely, efficiently and to your schedule.

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