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A brand built on integrity.

Our journey started over 45 years ago when Richard Powell formed the design practice from a small office based in Penarth, South Wales.

Richard has always had a keen eye for outstanding design and architecture, and in the early years Richard and his team secured contracts with several major clients including the Department of the Environment and Ministry of Transport, which was the first multi-storey building in Wales with an incredible sixteen floors.

More so, for over a quarter of a century, Powell has designed, refurbished and supplied furniture to more than one hundred Government buildings in Wales,

London and Brussels. During this time our team worked with renowned Architect Lord Rogers on the interiors at the National Assembly of Wales Senedd building in Cardiff Bay.

A momentous occasion for Powell was when we produced the ceremonial chairs for the royal visit to Wales for Her Majesty the Queen, Prince Phillip and Prince Charles. These grand pieces now take pride of place in our newly designed showroom in Cardiff‚ you’re welcome to come and see them!