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our ethos.

We don’t just do one thing and we don’t cater for just one type of client; our expertise means that we can deliver no matter how big or small the project. Our brand personality reinforces that we’re approachable enough to take on and empower small-scale, as well as big-name projects.

we are ethical.

At the heart of all Powell projects lies true sustainability and innate ecological practices. Our brand is built on this integrity and we’re proud to promote this often-unknown facet of our company.

we are robust.

We are sturdy and have stood the test of time; our infrastructure is such that from the bottom to the top, we are able to offer advice, facilities and the Powell approach to a design, fit-out or refurbishment. The Powell approach being one of integrity, superior quality and considered understanding.

we are smart.

We employ and work with the best designers, creatives, strategists, planners and craftspeople day in and day out to ensure that our standards and quality assurance remains steadfast whilst our trend-awareness and creative horizons are challenged and constantly remain fresh.

we are progressive.

Powell is a forward-looking company; uniting the best in quality assured, classic tried-and-true practices and knowledge with leading technology, lateral thinking and ecologically mindful materials.