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Inspire Everyday.

Powell is a progressive interior design, fit out and refurbishment company that specialise in creating inspiring and sustainable working environments. Our chairman, Mr Richard Powell, started the Cardiff design practice over 45 years ago as Richard H. Powell and Partners Limited. Today, our clients simply refer to us as “Powell”.


Powell is more than just its services; by choosing us you are buying in to a powerful but under-used concept, where employee health and wellbeing have a direct impact on successful business. Studies show we spend a third of our lives in the workplace; therefore, the environment in which we spend most of our working days plays an important role in our overall wellbeing, productivity and engagement.

Keeping your team motivated is key to ensuring positive performance and happiness, therefore we create environments that embrace your team working style and behaviours. Your building can stand out from the crowd, not because it is large or flashy but because it encourages and creates a fantastic experience for the people within it.

We truly believe in the power of harnessing workspace personality through design and have injected life into a range of offices throughout the UK. To do this we mix functionality with vision and blend practicality with imagination, to instil an environment of excellence in everything we do, benefitting our clients for years to come.

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