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Author: Hayley Francis | Category: Design

Co-working space –

“Membership based work spaces where diverse groups of freelancers, remote workers, and other independent professionals work together in a shared, communal setting.”

Harvard Business Review


Co-working spaces have become a haven amongst young professionals and start-up entrepreneurs, helping them to get their businesses off the ground. Offering affordable prices and flexible schedules, there’s no doubt these spaces are beneficial for people trying to launch new businesses and ideas outside of their home.

This month’s blog is devoted to highlighting all the best bits of co-working spaces, and what makes them so popular in the start-up revolution.




Productivity can Soar.

Trying to develop new business ideas from your home can bring up various obstacles. Distractions are easily found in the form of pets, television, or even that last bit of DIY you’ve been meaning to finish. Being in a collaborative, office-like environment with self-employed people around you, working towards a goal encourages motivation and increases productivity. In pursuit of your goals, a coworking space helps focus your energy and time on your new ideas effectively.

You can make some useful contacts.

Not only does conducting business in a coworking environment prevent the loneliness that can come from running a business solo, but it can also offer helpful networking opportunities beneficial to your ambitions. Co-working puts you around like-minded people, all with different skill sets. You may find yourself running into a problem you can’t fix yourself, but the person who sits close to you happens to be an expert with lots of useful advice, where solutions can be achieved quickly. More so, you can build long lasting relationships and feel part of a diverse community.

You can gain access to things to don't have at home.

Most coworking areas offer an abundance of modern tech features that could cost you more than you could afford to install in your own home. Things like, video conferencing facilities, hot-desking with integrated power, even an in-house gym or cafeteria could be provided in your membership at a co-working space. There are usually different kinds of work spaces too, suiting different tasks.  Things like boardrooms for meetings, touchdown areas, and soft seating for escaping long days at the desk.

You can make your start-up known.

Simply being around a great community of business networks on a daily basis is a great way to get your start-up heard and a good tool to build credibility. Most coworking spaces act as a platform, hosting regular seminars that can be used for you to learn, as well as network and get talking to a range of different people across a broad range of sectors about your business. Many offer guidance in the form of mentors to launch your ideas.

You won't fall out of love with your home.

Sometimes, running a business from your back room can prevent you being able to escape the stresses of work life. You are unable to leave your work at work and relax at home. Coworking spaces offer a structured lifestyle whereby you can still treat your home as a retreat and your workplace as a hub for inspiration.

These are our top 5 benefits of co-working, but the list of advantages for start-up businesses and freelancers goes on. Take a look at what we achieved at Space2b at The Maltings – a coworking space located in the city centre.