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LT Scaffold Services Overview:

LT Scaffold, a dynamic player in the scaffolding industry, boasts a rich history and a forward thinking approach to business. The company is led by a management team comprised entirely of experienced and qualified scaffolders. With a commitment to excellence, LT Scaffold has grown quickly, resulting in a need to a move to new, larger premises. The company recognised the importance of an effective, impressive workspace, particularly as they become more client-facing. LT Scaffold approached Powell, due to our reputation of providing first class commercial design, excellent product specification and second-to-none customer service.

Project Brief:

LT Scaffold’s move to new premises prompted them to seek Powell’s expertise in designing the layout, aesthetics, and furnishings of their new office space. Lewis, LT’s Owner, was impressed with Powell’s swift understanding of his vision, and appreciated our commitment to challenge perceptions where necessary, in order to devise a perfect solution and draw a clear vision of what success would look like. Following the initial, positive experience, the budget and general arrangement was approved without changes, reflecting the seamless collaboration between LT Scaffold and Powell.

Design Concept: Powell’s design aimed to create a modern, functional, and brand-aligned office space for LT Scaffold. The chosen furniture, meticulously curated from our long-standing, trusted suppliers, played a crucial role in realising this vision.

Desking: Powell specified a range of desks offering a simple yet practical working solution with a strong, clean image. The desks were chosen for their versatility and intelligent design, but they also complemented the contemporary feel of LT’s premises, which is made of modular cabins a quirky, practical solution. Thanks to Powell’s strong relationship with their supply chains, the very high quality products were secured at the most competitive price.

Sofa in Reception: An indulgent sofa creates a warm, welcoming reception area, despite the space being relatively small. The attention to detail on this sofa, as well as the comfort it brings is exceptional, and has become a Powell staple over the last few years. The quality craftsmanship ensures real durability, which will offer reassurance to prospective LT clients.

Task Chairs: We understand the importance of high-performance task chairs. With enhanced adjustability, breathable backs and exceptional comfort levels, these task chairs will ensure that the user is supported and comfortable, and able to fight off fatigue. The chairs help the modern aesthetic, providing a contemporary touch to the office, and promote a healthy, happy environment.

Pedestals: In an industry still very physical-document heavy, specifying the correct pedestals were a critical consideration on this project. The specified products provide convenient, abundant storage space, as well as mobility, allowing for futureproofing and ease of access. The product’s minimalist design and various customisation options allowed them to fit in perfectly with LT’s brand, continuing the sleek, efficient feel of the space.

Meeting Room Chairs: In a similar vein to the task chairs, we specified a breathable meeting room chair, after understanding the dynamic and typical day-to-day within the LT offices. The chairs also offer a wide range of customisation, including adjustment options for longer meetings. They also accommodated visual customisation, continuing the strong brand presence the company were keen to promote throughout.

Final thoughts:

Powell successfully delivered a turnkey solution that transformed LT Scaffold’s new premises into a modern, efficient, and visually striking workspace. The careful selection of furniture, based on sustainability, functionality, and collaborative relationships with suppliers, ensured a seamless integration of design and practicality – while providing a wow-factor, for LT’s prospective clients. The completed project stands as a testament to Powell’s commitment to understanding client needs and delivering exceptional results – within budget and on time.

Lewis concludes:

“Despite what is no doubt a relatively small project for the likes of Powell, they really couldn’t do enough for me. Their commitment to ensuring we had exactly what we needed was commendable. They took time to understand how our business worked, and what we wanted to achieve – and they delivered exactly that. I couldn’t recommend them more.”

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