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About the project.

Industry: Housing Association
Size: 15,000 sq. ft
Employees: 96
Website: www.unitedwelsh.com

United Welsh is a registered social landlord, operating under charitable rules, who recently celebrated their 30-year anniversary. Following extensive research, United Welsh realised its working environment would need to change to support revised working practices and its progressive approach to a flexible, collaborative working style.

Modern, flexible working practices were adopted at the office, based in Caerphilly, and its office environment needed to support this new way of working. The company needed a contractor who was local, who had a strong ethos which fitted with its own social responsibilities, and who had transparent working practices.

Powell was awarded the contract for the two-storey office refurbishment, working alongside Momentum Contract Furniture Ltd who completed the interior design and space planning to generate the layout.


“We invited five possible partners to tender for the project. Powell was chosen on the balance of expertise, cost and confidence in their understanding of what we wanted to achieve with the design, whilst giving us the flexibility and support to develop the project as we were going along”
David Williams, United Welsh

The refurbishment.

United Welsh not only understood the importance of choice for its staff, but the difference in personalities and workplace demands. A key aim of the brief provided to the designers was to make the space less formal.

We installed various styles of flooring and different ceiling types, lighting and glazed partitioning . We also installed bespoke timber screen partitioning to break up the sections. A large, fully equipped kitchen was completed, as well as a stand-out “coffee shop style canteen. Dark, exposed ceilings were created in the coffee area with suspended lighting installed set to dim.

In the breakout area, wall coverings were fitted and the space was fully re-decorated, making the space inviting and appealing for staff whilst away from their workstations. Shower rooms were also fitted and a disabled toilet installed.

The furniture was supplied and installed by Momentum Contract Furniture Ltd. Design services were also provided by Momentum Contract Furniture Ltd, who were working in partnership with United Welsh for the project.


“Our primary contacts at Powell were Gareth Knight, Alex Thau and Nathan Jones, who as a team were honest, realistic and supportive in helping us realise a relatively ambitious project. The advice and expertise that each of them contributed at various points during the project, has been instrumental in delivering an effective realisation of our design and brief, with very little compromise. We feel indebted to them all.”
David Williams, United Welsh

In three words how would you best describe your new environment? .

Contemporary, Informal, Supportive

The results.

United Welsh is a true example of successfully adopting flexible working and reaping the rewards of a collaborative workplace. By refurbishing its office, the company has developed closer working relationships and enhanced productivity and they feel they can now take their staff engagement to the next level.

“Changes to our environment were eagerly anticipated and the response has been hugely positive. The space is comfortable, attractive and well put together, all of which has drawn a great deal of appreciation. The most consistent theme of feedback has been that the environment is not what they would have expected in a workplace and the positive effect of that is enormous. Several have expressed a desire to move in!”
David Williams, United Welsh