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The background.

Following an extensive tender process, Powell was awarded the contract for a CAT B fit-out for 3 Samlet Road. Presented with the designs from the commercial agent, our team was tasked with delivering the desired results within a tight timescale of eight-weeks. The two-story, detached building needed a complete fit out, including the construction of offices, essential amenities, and a large functional warehouse space.

The works.

While striving, as ever, to cause as little inconvenience as possible to adjacent occupiers and their visitors, Powell conducted a site-survey; before producing a strategic plan to ensure the project was delivered on time, to a high standard and in budget.

The property contained fittings and fixtures from the former tenant which needed removing before alterations to the existing floorplan could be carried out  realising the new resident’s outlined specification. Once cleared, new walls were erected throughout the facility, creating the large open workspace detailed by the client, as well as a series of smaller, private offices. In the warehouse, the existing structure was brought up to current building regulations and made good before being extended to include a contemporary kitchen (with dishwasher, zip hydro boil, and fridge), which could double as a communal area for the use of all staff.


Suspended ceilings house air conditioning and ventilation units, ensuring a controlled temperature all year round critical to the new tenant and their business. Touches to ensure a comfortable working environment, suiting the modern workforce such as DDA shower facilities complete with doc M fixtures. One of the most business critical needs identified time and again, was the need to protect confidential data. The Powell team installed CCTV, intruder alarms, additional fire alarms and first-rate access control management systems.

The works continue externally with general building repairs and improvements, including grounds maintenance and car-park upkeep. Working with Girosil approved contractors, the roof lights were coated in Girosil Giroglaze while Girosil Edge was applied to corroded sheet edges – prolonging the life of roof sheets from corrosion. Again, ensuring the highest possible security and protection of business sensitive documents, Palisade fencing and Armco Barriers (with handrails) were installed to the perimeter, along with a renewed main entrance, complete with new vehicle access gates.

The results.

Completed on schedule and on budget, our client moved their existing furniture into the futureproofed premises and welcomed staff to their new place of work within their anticipated and desired timescale.



“Our team work extremely hard delivering results which will often exceed customer expectations. In a short timeframe, we transformed a building originally used for retail into a contemporary office, suited to the modern workforce  as well as a fantastic, futureproofed warehouse. – Lee Bratcher, Senior Project Manager.

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