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The Background.

Desg is a design led co-working space, offering individuals and companies a modern, flexible working environment in the heart of the Welsh Capital, Cardiff.  The recently refurbished two-story facility contains a variety of breakout areas, private offices, meeting rooms and amenities, which can be rented for specific periods, ranging from a single day through to several weeks or even months at the time. 

Comprised of fifteen offices and three large, shared spaces, Desg is home to a broad range of different companies, ventures, and projects. Research shows that working around people doing different sorts of work helps develop your own company identity, while creating a feeling of community through collaboration. Of course, the added benefit at Desg, is that the environment is indeed a beautiful one.

the works.

Desg approached Powell with an ambitious architect’s furniture specification and a brief heavily geared towards stand-out features and products – a real head turning project. With a view to ensure a comprehensive understanding and to develop a joint vision of success, Powell’s design team visited Desg’s facility to conduct a full site survey and produce a detailed space plan. The job included the development of a large, open-plan breakout space, multiple workstations, conference rooms and reception area to name a few.  With a comprehensive brief agreed, Powell set about specifying the appropriate products, drawing from a list of long-standing, trusted suppliers  ensuring maximum value, quality, and comfort to suit the client budget.

Working with trusted manufacturers, for example, Narbutus, Orn, Bisley and Ligna is key to our success on projects like these. The client’s product list has been tailored to their design brief and their products were scrutinised for quality, durability and value.

 Alex Thau, Business Development Manager.

On the lower ground, ultra-modern, slickblack desking systems with ergonomic chairs to match give a feel of real luxury.  Design meets function, as all furniture oozes comfort, as well as style  with chairs having a strong ergonomic emphasis and bespoke manufactured desks. With an aesthetic that combines flexibility with quality, Desg has included adaptable furniture features in the reception area, complementing several integrated booths and a sizable custom desking unit. 

High back, conference seating options and several taskchairs create workstations for those who require a more personal feeling space, without leaving the friendly, creative communal area. In every conservable way, this space ensures occupiers have the best possible platform from which to achieve their best  a creative, modern, and stylish space, with all the comfort associated luxury working, which can accommodate all sorts of work and styles of working.


The results.

Desg has invested time and money to create a facility with highquality products and features, in what is expected to be a booming sector in the coming years, as companies and sole traders alike seek to reduce overheads and move away from traditional, expensive offices. Hotdesking and co-working spaces with high quality, impressive interiors across key locations in lieu of large, underutilised, and expensive permanent floorspace is certainly going to be an interesting development to watch as we come out of the Covid-19 pandemic.


The involvement of Powell’s was paramount in bringing the architects vision for the interior spaces to life. With their connections to both local craftsmen and national and international suppliers we had access to a vast selection of options to suit our needs.

Special thanks to Alex and Krystina who worked with us throughout to fulfil the brief, which has resulted in a unique workspace within Cardiff and also thanks to the great installation team who worked on site. Sharon Brown, Project Manager.

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