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For over half a century, Flintec, a blue-chip company and European manufacturer of precision weight measurements technologies, has designed and developed innovative products which are used across a variety of industrial sectors.

Step 1: Design and Consultation.


Flintec UK has recently acquired a 30,000sq facility in South Wales.  The building needed a complete makeover and the new tenant was keen to create a space that represents their brand and ethos. Having seen Powell’s success with previous large scale refurbishments, Flintec approached Powell for a design led, turnkey solution.

Following an extensive site survey, the Powell team was tasked with compiling a specification, delivering interior designs sympathetic to Flintec’s brand while catering for varying departments at the facility. As part of Powell’s design package, conceptual images were produced, and Flintec were invited to Powell’s Cardiff showroom, in order to appreciate the look, touch and feel of the recommended products listed in the proposal.  This gave Flintec representatives the opportunity to fully experience the ergometric FFE examples and options listed in the proposal, before coming to a final decision.

During the initial consultation, Powell exercised architectural logic to engineer an innovative space plan, enabling Flintec’s business to operate efficiently throughout the building. Open, collaborative, contemporary workspaces facilitate a corporate workforce on the first floor, accompanied by meeting rooms and private offices. On the lower ground, a double-height warehouse spans the side of the building with new roller shutter doors granting quick access for high volume deliveries. Peek behind the newly erected jumbo fire wall, and you’ll discover a very sophisticated laboratory, where sensitive technologies are developed in a clean, clinical environment complete with modern workstations. Workshops across the ground floor are facilitated by newly developed and installed shower amenities, and high-quality, modern kitchen facilities.

Step 2: Construction Phase, what we did and the challenges faced in and out.


The existing premises was in a serious state of disrepair; and required an extensive strip out. Subsequently, the refurbishment began with the demolishment of fittings and fixtures, as the former tenant had adapted the building considerably over its former lifespan. Many challenges were posed through the project from changes in the floor levels between different structures and low ceiling heights, to the mixed construction methods.


The building’s entire M&E services were replaced to provide a more sustainable solution of LED lighting and highly efficient heat recovery ventilation and AC systems. Limited ceiling voids and level changes forced the team to carefully consider location of plant and services – to ensure discreet positioning. Historically, all elevations were covered in services but the revised work was completed with a view to ensuring easy and accessible future maintenance.

Externally, Powell transformed a tired, old building into an unrecognisable centre for innovative developments. Our team was able to replace all the UPVC windows with larger aluminium windows – creating a bright and inviting space for office accommodation.To improve building aesthetics, significant changes were made to the existing elevations  such as rendering brickwork, extensive cladding repairs and updated decoration – modernising the facade without enduring the expense of a rebuild. The external changes continued to an adjacent storage unit – now identical to the main building. Major alterations to Flintec’s main building fabric was required, as the main entrance was moved to the side of the building for easy access to the carpark. A curtain wall system and the development of raised steps provided an impressive appearance, resulting in a grand entryway for Flintec.

Step 3: The transformation and the client satisfaction.

Flintec’s newly refurbished headquarters in Cardiff now reaps the benefits with a workplace specifically designed for their operations. Despite the difficulties in working around the Covid-19 pandemic, Powell successfully transformed this building on time and in budget. The impressive building now stands proudly, yet sympathetic to its surroundings.

Flintec CEO, David Weeks, he reveals the project has exceeded the expectations of staff  resulting in a happier workforce. Watch more here:

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